Valkenburg, Nederland

Front-end developer (who is not afraid of some back-end)

For our in-house developed Business Rule Platform Avola Decision ( we are looking for a Front-end developer who is not afraid of some backend.

Together with a backend developer, a product owner and a scrum master you will form the A-team that will make this young product a world hit.

You will work in four-week sprints towards releases that add value to our platform customers. We have a list of impressive customers, but the sky is the limit and we want to grow!

The Avola team shares the building with our killer Mendix team and many of our Mendix clients use the Avola platform.

Every week you can spend 10% of your working time on a charity, during working hours! Really!

Secondary terms of employment:

  • Retirement
  • Lunch 
  • Holiday pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home possibilities
  • Bonus / Profit-sharing
  • Friday afternoon drinks
  • Travel allowance
  • Stock options
  • Company phone and laptop
  • Budget for professional development

The facts:

- You have at least 3 years of experience as a front-end developer;

- Because of this you have good knowledge of AngularJS (and preferably also of MVC);

- You have feeling and affinity with UI and UX: You understand what the user wants to see and you are not afraid to talk to them.

- you love scrum!


You are sociable, independent, you take a lot of responsibility, you are averse to formalities and hierarchy. You have your opinion ready and you dare to give it (well funded). You may be a bit of a nerd!

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My Background

Timon fell in love with Mendix as a business user working for a Mendix customer in the insurance industry. As a happy user he started to investigate low code and the scrum methodology in his spare time and passed his first Mendix exams even before he joined Bizzomate. After a 4 week inhouse training from his buddy, he joined a project team for a new customer and started to (quickly) learning on the job. His experience from “the other” side makes it easy for him to empathize with the business. He is curious and eager and easy to relate to, ideal to bridge the business – IT gap.
Your future colleague

Timon Hossain

From Business User to MX consultant in 60 seconds
Timon was the most energetic person ever to show up at a job interview at Bizzomate and is still as enthusiastic today. He was hired before he presented his Mendix skills, based on his positive attitude! Why he joined Bizzomate? The company values, freedom, positive people, employee benefits and the possibilities to grow. Bizzomate treats everyone with respect, and provides support where needed. Everybody is challenged to be creative, for internal and external projects. Bizzomate works hard to create the best work environment, including a passion for social responsibility.